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How to pay off your mortgage faster

How to pay off your mortgage quicker   Thinking of ways to pay off your mortgage quicker? Here’s some tips on how to do it Interest rates for home loans in Australia are currently at an all-time low which can present an excellent opportunity to pay off your mortgage...

What is an offset account?

Offset accounts What is an offset account? Should you get one?   An offset account could help you pay off your home loan quicker  Offset accounts can be a handy home loan feature.  Most lenders offer an offset account product. It usually comes in a “professional...

Using Equity in Your Home to Invest in Property

Using equity in your home to invest   How to use the equity in your home to purchase an investment property A Noosa client recently asked me what the secret to investing in property is? The truth is, there’s no secret – it’s pretty straight forward. It’s actually...

Mortgage Broker or Banker?

Mortgage Broker or Banker? Deciding which way to go   Mortgage brokers provide a variety of lender and product options. Banks can only provide you with their own product. Banks are limited to providing their own in-house products. For instance – if you pop into one of...

Types of Home Loans

Types of home loans   There’s a wide scope of home loans to choose from so it can be difficult to understand all their features and whether they would be the best option for you. In this blog entry I provide a brief rundown of the different types of loans. Fixed rate...

Fixed or Variable Repayments?

Fixed or Variable Rate home loan?   There are several different ways to set up your home loan repayments. I’ve provided some information below to assist you in choosing the repayment type that will work best for your situation. Variable rate home loans Variable...

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